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Teaching Portfolio.

Graduation Project, 2015-2016 Spring Semester

Valeria Daude ( Erasmus Exchange Student )

Design Brief


Hearing people always know what is around them. Even if they don’t see what is behind them, they can hear it. So they have always visual and auditive informations about theirs surrounding. Deaf and Hard of Hearing people have just the visual informations. The field of view listed above is taken to visualize the missing part of informations (Not visible and unsafe areas). Especially in crowded and unknown environments or during sport activities it is very important to have all informations about your surrounding. If a car is coming from behind and you can’t hear the honk, a dangerous situation may emerge.



The Manta-system Two hands-free wearable devices that informs and warns deaf and Hard of Hearing people about potential risks, to im prove theirs quality of life, independence and security. The devices are connected via bluetooth and change constantly informations to support each other.

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