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Teaching Portfolio.


Second Year Design Studio, 2020-2021 Fall Semester
Master Chef  Designer

Design Brief

Food design is a relatively new discipline that includes the process of design studies and research that generates new products related to food. It is both a research field and an applied creative ground. This discipline is part of the industrial design and is in charge of the creation and design of food, parts of complex food products and in some way related to them. There are numerous subcategories within the context of food design. Among which “Design for Food” appears to be the closest to conventional product design practices.

Design for Food category covers the design of all the products useful to cut, chop, mix, contain, preserve, store, cook and present food. In this category we find all the products that are part of the preparation, distribution and communication of food.

Project B entitled: “Master Chef DESIGNER” aims at researching within this scope. Students are expected to execute a gastronomical experience such as cooking, baking, preparing any kind of drinks, sauces etc. through an intended recipe. Throughout your experience you are expected to become the master of that recipe.

Third Year Design Studio, 2019-2020 Spring Semester

THE NEW OLDS: Designing Cultural Artefacts in collaboration with AKG

Design Brief

“Anadolu Kültür Girişimcilik A.Ş. (AKG), is established under DETUR within the scope of Turkey's tourism and cultural promotion. In Turkey museums operate under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and AKG having the authority to operate the commercial area of ​​the ruins, the protection of Turkey's cultural and historical heritage, providing resources for maintaining and promotion. It creates special product collections with special illustration works for the region, museum or ruins in the museum stores where we operate, and offers service to museum lovers with its replica and wide product range. In our museum stores, there are design replicas, decorative objects, t-shirts, bags, jewelery, mugs, hobby products, souvenirs created by inspiring from the museum collection, ruins and works exhibited.

Topics to be explored;

  • The forgotten games; all games which have diminished over time, reviving them with a contemporary function

  • Tavla (Backgammon); the new portable tavla for kids and adults, innovative solutions compatible with cultural values

  • Packaging Design; Innovative, producible packaging designs for product sets for gastronomical experiences

  • Desktop Accessories; functional and aesthetic gift product group (including lighting, add-ons etc.) (It is recommended to develop products for Topkapı Palace, Ephesus, Pamukkale, Göreme Ruins for this group)


Issues to be considered in design solutions;

  • New contemporary design strategies,

  • New product and corporate identity language,

  • Production and cost planning,

  • Development of suggestions by evaluating aesthetics, function, and packaging together,

  • Developing a product that integrates the experience of visitors in museums and ruins and identifies with the Anatolian cultural and historical heritage,

  • Consisting of various colours and compositions that can appeal to the consumer group with different demographic features.

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